Scientific and technological innovation
Hong Kong TV has built the world's first computer vision algorithm mall-Hong Kong Vision algorithm Mall, which is committed to developing the development and application of artificial intelligence in different industries and fields, and providing the industry with the richest artificial intelligence algorithms and solid artificial intelligence infrastructure platform. At present, Hongkong Vision algorithm Ecology has gathered more than 200000 high-level artificial intelligence developers at home and abroad, accumulated more than 1000 image recognition algorithms, served 3000 government and enterprise customers and partners in more than 100 industries, and enabled traditional enterprises to complete the transformation and upgrading of artificial intelligence.
Basic equipment

● G30 dynamic pressure air levitation high speed motor ● T110-1.0 air levitation high speed centrifugal blower ● TE75-0.8 air levitation high speed centrifugal blower ● A5B atomizer 1 set ● atomizer flip bracket ● highlight axis 2 sets ● B55 atomizer 1 set

Experimental environment